About RECNA Nuclear Warheads Data Monitoring Team

As a part of creating a “Citizen database,” RECNA’s one of RECNA’s main projects, RECNA Nuclear Warheads Data Monitoring Team (hereafter, “the Team”) aims to analyze a wide range of information concerning the arsenals of nuclear-armed countries (numbers and types of nuclear warheads and their delivery vehicles) and to provide detailed inventories of such weapons. The Team consists of two RECNA staff members, Dr. Ichiro Yuasa, president of Peace Depot Inc. (NPO), which has been disseminating information on nuclear weapons inventories for years, and Dr, Akira Tomizuka, an associate professor of the Environmental Science Department at Nagasaki University, who brings a great deal of expertise on nuclear issues.

Team Members:
* Hiromichi Umebayashi (Chair), Director, RECNA
* Akira Tomizuka, Associate Professor, Environmental Science Dept., Nagasaki University
* Ichiro Yuasa, President, Peace Depot Inc.
* Keiko Nakamura (Team Coordinator), Associate Professor, RECNA

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