RECNA NPT Blog 2022 Final Edition

RECNA has published seven blogs and four “briefs” (in Japanese only) on the 10th NPT Review Conference held from August 1 to 26, starting with Issue 0 on July 29 and ending with Issue 7 on August 26. After that, we asked Professor Michiru Nishida (Professor, Faculty of Global Humanities and Social Sciences, concurrently at RECNA), who attended the entire conference, to write a “Overview,” and Professor Satoshi Hirose, Associate Professor Keiko Nakamura, and Professor Tatsujiro Suzuki, from their respective fields of expertise, to briefly summarize the “Draft Final Document,” which was not adopted, as “Understanding the Draft Final Document“. The final edition of this year’s blog is a brief summary of their commentary. We hope this final edition of this year’s blog will be of interest to you.

Table of Contents


0. Significance and Issues of the 2022 NPT Review Conference
 - Michiru Nishida

Understanding the Draft Final Document

1. No Substantive Outcome, but Discussion was Meaningful: Nuclear Disarmament and the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)
 - Keiko Nakamura

2. Growing Conflict and a Faint Glimmer of Light: The Ukraine Issue and Nuclear Risk Reduction
 - Tatsujiro Suzuki

3. New challenges in nuclear nonproliferation: Nuclear sharing and AUKUS
 - Satoshi Hirose

4. New Developments: Review Process, Gender, and Disarmament Education
 - Keiko Nakamura

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