Global Inventory of Highly Enriched Uranium 2017

(Data: End of 2015)


Country Military Use(ton) Non-military Use(ton)
Russia 670.0 9.0
US 468.6 98.6
France 26.0 4.653
China 18.0 0.24
UK 19.8 1.398
Israel 0.3 0.002
Pakistan 3.3 0.017
India 3.6 0.005
North Korea 0.042  
Weapon Countries
Total 1209.6 128.9


Military: HEU used in nuclear warheads or stored for use in weapons; HEU used in reactor fuel for naval nuclear propulsion (including spent fuel)

Non-military: HEU used in fuel for research and testing reactors; HEU declared as surplus for military purposes.

The stockpile of fissile materials includes estimated ones with large uncertainties and thus total quantities are expressed in rounded numbers.

©RECNA Fissile Material Data Monitoring Team

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