Posters of World’s Fissile Material

Japanese English Korean
Jun. 2021
Jun. 2020 FissileMat2020JPN FissileMat2020ENG FissileMat2020KOR
Dec. 2019 FissileMat2019JPN FissileMat2019ENG FissileMat2019KOR
Jun. 2018 FissileMat2018JPN FissileMat2018ENG FissileMat2018KOR
Jun. 2017 fissile_material2017JPN fissile_material2017ENG fissile_material2017KOR
Jun. 2016 fissile_material2016JPN fissile_material2016ENG fissile_material2016KOR
Mar. 2015 fissile_material2015JPN fissile_material2015ENG fissile_material2015KOR

Produced by: Fissile Material Data Monitoring Team

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