Global Inventory of Highly Enriched Uranium 2015

(Data: End of 2013)


Country Military Use(ton) Non-military Use(ton)
Russia 646.0 20.0
US 512.0 83.0
France 26.0 4.6
China 16.0
UK 19.8 1.4
Israel 0.3
Pakistan 3.0
India 2.4
North Korea  
Weapon Countries
Total 1225.5 124.0


Military: HEU used in nuclear warheads or stored for use in weapons; HEU used in reactor fuel for naval nuclear propulsion (including spent fuel)

Non-military: HEU used in fuel for research and testing reactors; HEU declared as surplus for military purposes.

The stockpile of fissile materials includes estimated ones with large uncertainties and thus total quantities are expressed in rounded numbers.

©RECNA Fissile Material Data Monitoring Team

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