Posters of World’s Fissile Material

Japanese English Korean
Jun. 2023 FissileMat_2023_JPN FissileMat_2023_ENG FissileMat_2023_KOR
Jun. 2022 FissileMat_2022_JP FissileMat_2022_EN

No posters were produced for 2022. On the left are dummies to show the total amount of nuclear material possessed and the possession map.

Jun. 2021
Jun. 2020 FissileMat2020JPN FissileMat2020ENG FissileMat2020KOR
Dec. 2019 FissileMat2019JPN FissileMat2019ENG FissileMat2019KOR
Jun. 2018 FissileMat2018JPN FissileMat2018ENG FissileMat2018KOR
Jun. 2017 fissile_material2017JPN fissile_material2017ENG fissile_material2017KOR
Jun. 2016 fissile_material2016JPN fissile_material2016ENG fissile_material2016KOR
Mar. 2015 fissile_material2015JPN fissile_material2015ENG fissile_material2015KOR

Produced by: Fissile Material Data Monitoring Team

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