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Promotional Video “Pandemic Futures and Nuclear Weapons Risks”

About the Video (produced by APLN)

   APLN, RECNA-Nagasaki University, and the Nautilus Institute conducted the Nagasaki 75th Anniversary pandemic-nuclear-nexus scenarios project in October-November 2020. Four workshops with nearly 50 cross-disciplinary individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages, and nationalities from across the Asia-Pacific and North America were convened to develop four visions of the future using the scenario planning methodology.
Their task was to develop four future scenarios that addressed the question: What are the opportunities driven by global pandemics for Northeast Asian governments, civil society, and market actors to reduce nuclear risk and resume nuclear disarmament?
Six of the workshop participants from across the region with diverse backgrounds and perspectives offered their views on scenario planning and why a project such as this is necessary today. Speakers:

• Prof. Chung-in Moon, Vice-Chair and Director of the APLN, distinguished professor of political science at Yonsei University and an Ambassador for International Security Affairs at the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
• Dr. Jodi-Anne Smith Ph.D. Wellbeing Educator, Healing Facilitator, Counsellor, former researcher, and educator focused on solving complex global problems including sustainability, climate change adaptation (CCA), and societal health and wellbeing.
• Prof. Shen Dingli, APLN member, Director of Center for American Studies at Fudan University and Executive Dean of Fudan’s Institute of International Studies, vice president of the Chinese Association of South Asian Studies, and Shanghai Association of American Studies.
• Vivian Pham, Vietnamese-Australian fiction writer, poet, amateur screenwriter, university student, and Australian delegate of the International Congress of Youth Voices.
• Dr Masao Tomonaga M.D., Ph.D., Nagasaki hibakusha (atomic-bomb survivor), medical physician, former Director of Japanese Red Cross Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hospital and Visiting Professor, Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University (RECNA).
• Dr. Peter Hayes Ph.D., APLN Research Director, Nautilus Institute Executive Director, Honorary Professor at the Center for International Security Studies at Sydney University, Australia.


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