Envisioning Northeast Asia Peace and Security System:
Developing a Comprehensive Approach to a NEA-NWEZ
Workshop II

Jun 20 (Thu) – 23 (Sun), 2013
Seoul & Nagasaki


Participants List

Participants’ Profile
 ― Workshop (as of June 20)
 ― Global Civil Peace Forum (as of June 22)

 - Summary Report of Workshop I (Hiromichi Umebayashi)
  - Brief Opening Report of Workshop I (Hiromichi Umebayashi)
 ― Morton H. Halperin, Open Society Foundations
 ― Lim Dong-Won, The Hankyoreh Foundation for Reunification and Culture
 ― Ichiro Uasa, Peace Depot
 ― Jargalsaikhan Enkhsaikhan, the Blue Banner NGO
 ― Lee Taeho, PSPD
 ― Moon Chung-in, Yonsei University

International Public Symposium
 ― in Nagasaki (June 23, 2013)

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