Denuclearization of Northeast Asia and of the World
Developing a Comprehensive Approach to NEA-NWFZ: Workshop III

September 14(Sun)-16(Tue), 2014

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Remarks and Papers

 ― Hiromichi UMEBAYASHI English
Session I: Global Denuclearization and Northeast Asia
 ― Heather WILLIAMS English
 ― Valere MANTELS English
 ― Alexander I. NIKITIN English
Dinner Session
 Keynote: Jayantha DHANAPALA English
Session II: Comprehensive Agreement on Peace and Security in Northeast Asia
 ― Morton H. HALPERIN English
 ― Mitsuru KUROSAWA English
Session III: Northeast Asian Security Environment
 ― Dingli SHEN English
 ― Hak-soon PAIK English
 ― Kab-woo KOO English
Session IV: Specific Issues to Examine the Comprehensive Agreement
 ― Peter HAYES English
 ― Tatsujiro SUZUKI English
 ― Keiko NAKAMURA English
Session V: Players for the Denuclearization of Northeast Asia
 ― Jargalsaikhan ENKHSAIKHAN English
 ― Alyn WARE English
 ― Masao TOMONAGA Japanese 
 ― Kazuhiko TAMAKI Japanese 
Related Events NGO Forum
 ― Bo-Hyuk SUH English
Memorial Lecture for the 1st International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
PPT English
PPT Japanese

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