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Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament: Vol.2, Issue 2 published!

Vol.2, Issue 2 of Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament (J-PAND) has just been out. The issue, to which 11 articles are assigned, features “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Beyond Entry into Force.”

For the issue, see here.

RECNA’s visiting professor Masao Tomonaga contributed the following paper to the issue.

Tomonaga, Masao. 2019. “The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Summary of the Human Consequences, 1945-2018, and Lessons for Homo sapiens to End the Nuclear Weapon Age.” Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament 2(2): 491-517.
(see here)

Also, RECNA director Fumihiko Yoshida and vice director Tatsujiro Suzuki published an article about their interviews with nuclear experts conducted on the sideline of the 2019 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference.

Yoshida, Fumihiko & Tatsujiro Suzuki. 2019. “The State of Nuclear Weapons in 2019: Conversations with Experts at the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference.” Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament 2(2): 612-626.
(see here)

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