Professor and Associate Professor

F.Yoshida YOSHIDA, Fumihiko
Director, Professor
He was a Deputy Director of the Editorial Board of the Asahi Shimbun. He served as a member of the Advisory Panel of Experts on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation for Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is Editor-in-Chief of Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament (J-PAND). He has a PhD in International Public Policy from Osaka University (2007).
T.Suzuki SUZUKI, Tatsujiro
Vice Director, Professor
Born in 1951. Before joining RECNA, he was a Vice Chairman of Japan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) of the Cabinet office (2010-2014). He is also a Council Member of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs (2007-09 and from 2014~). Dr. Suzuki has a PhD in nuclear engineering from Tokyo University (1988).
S.Hirose HIROSE, Satoshi
Vice Director, Professor
Former Legal Adviser to the Japanese Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.
K.Nakamura NAKAMURA, Keiko
Associate Professor
Former Secretary-General of “Peace Depot.”

Professor and Associate Professor (part-time)

B.Jun JUN, Byungdug
Professor (part-time)
Professor, School of Information and Data Sciences, Nagasaki University.
A.Tomizuka TOMIZUKA, Akira
Associate Professor (part-time)
Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences.
R.Compel COMPEL, Radomir
Associate Professor (part-time)
School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences.

Visiting Professor

M.Tomonaga TOMONAGA, Masao
Visiting Professor
Former Director, the Japanese Red Cross Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hospital.
S.Leeper LEEPER, Steven
Visiting Professor
Former chairman of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. Currently chairman of Peace Culture Village, a nonprofit incorporated in Hiroshima Prefecture. Vice president of PEAC Institute, a nonprofit incorporated in New Jersey.
H.Umebayashi UMEBAYASHI, Hiromichi
Visiting Professor
Ph.D. in Applied Physics, at Tokyo University. Inaugural Director of RECNA (2012-15). Founder and Special Advisor of Peace Depot Inc., a non-profit organization for research and education for peace.
M.Mine MINE, Mariko
Visiting Professor
An extensive career as a researcher at Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Graduate School of Biomedical Science, Nagasaki University.
M.Ota Ota,Masakatsu
Visiting Professor
Editorialist of Kyodo News, PhD in Policy Studies.
Y.Seirai Seirai,Yuichi
Visiting Professor
Novelist. Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1958. Received the Akutagawa Prize in 2001 for “Seisui” [Holy Water]. “Bakushin” [Ground Zero, Nagasaki: Columbia University Press] won the Itô Sei Literary Prize and the Tanizaki Jun’ichirô Prize in 2007.
K.Ishida Ishida,Kenji
Visiting Professor
Director and Chief Editor, NAGASAKISHIMBUNSHA. Born in Goto City in 1957. He joined NAGASAKISHIMBUNSHA in 1981.
M.Nishida NISHIDA, Michiru
Visiting Associate Professor
Special Advisor for Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Long time working on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation issues in the government, including the current posting in the Embassy of Japan to the United States in Washington DC (2016-present), Arms Control and Disarmament Division (2011-2016), Delegation of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament (2006-2011), Non-Proliferation Division (2003-2005). Graduated in 1999 from Monterey Institute of International Studies with a major on non-proliferation issues. PhD from Hitotsubashi University (2019).

Visiting Fellow

G.P.Kulacki KULACKI, Gregory Phillip
Visiting Fellow
Born in 1957. Doctorate in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. Currently Job Title: China Project Manager, Global Security Program, Union of Concerned Scientists. Current Focus: Nuclear Weapons Policy and Nuclear Disarmament in East Asia.

Visiting Researcher

T.Kiriya KIRIYA, Taeko
Visiting Researcher
H.Yamaguchi YAMAGUCHI, Hibiki
Visiting Researcher


M.Kurosawa KUROSAWA, Mitsuru
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University and Osaka Jogakuin University. Founding President of Japan Association of Disarmament Studies.
S.Katamine KATAMINE, Shigeru
President, Nagasaki City Hospital Organization.

Chairman, PCU Nagasaki Council for Nuclear Weapons Abolition (PCU-NC)

S.Shirabe SHIRABE, Susumu
Vice Director, National Research Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Nagasaki University.

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