Citizen’s Watch on the Implementation of Korean Denuclearization Agreements

Peace Depot launched a new project “Toward a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone: Citizen’s Watch for a Fair Implementation of Korean Peninsula Denuclearization Agreements” (in short: “Citizen’s Watch on the Implementation of Korean Denuclearization Agreements”) on Nov. 14, 2018. The project is meant to help successful implementation of the historic agreements regarding the peace on the Korean Peninsula and beyond.

This project publishes the “Watch Report” roughly once every three weeks, first in Japanese, then later in Korean and English. The “Watch Report” is published on the following free-access blog website.

Watch Report [English] [Korean] [Japanese]

They welcome your comments and advices, so please write to “office■”(Please change ■ to @).

*PSNA is an advisor of this project.
*Dr. Hiromichi UMEBAYASHI, Director of this Project, is Member of PSNA, Former Director of RECNA and Visiting Professor of Nagasaki University, Japan.

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