Nagasaki Process Framework Document

November 20, 2016
June 1, 2022 amended


Since the establishment of Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University (RECNA), it has intensively conducted a research on denuclearization of Northeast Asia and establishment of a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NEA-NWFZ) and it published a policy proposal on the comprehensive approach toward the establishment of NEA-NWFZ in 2015.

In 2016, in order to promote the realization the above mentioned policy proposal, RECNA and PCU (Prefecture, City and University) Nagasaki Council for Nuclear Weapons Abolition(PCU-NC) initiate various activities named “Nagasaki Process” to facilitate political process to realize peace and security in Northeast Asia through establishment of a NEA-NWFZ involving experts from the region and relevant countries and international organizations. Panel on Peace and Security of Northeast Asia (PSNA) will function as a main body of Nagasaki Process.

Section 1 Objectives

Section 2 Expected Impact

Section 3 Governing Principles

Section 4 Panel on Peace and Security of Northeast Asia2 (PSNA2)

Section 5 Relationship to Relevant Processes

Section 6 Secretariat and Administration

Section 7 Participants and Target Groups

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